1. AlexaNas

    EVO vs LEO Figuren

    Hast du irgendwelche Gedanken? Ich habe LEO gekauft, aber im Club habe ich EVO. Der LEO fühlt sich plastischer an, aber gleichzeitig klebt der Ball mehr daran, weil er nicht so leicht springt. Soll ich auch die EVO-Version kaufen oder ist das egal? Aus meiner Erfahrung weiß ich, dass das Lernen...
  2. AlexaNas

    What is the size of Torx for LeoPro m4 screw?

    Asking because prices on Ullrich and Leonhart are ridiculous.
  3. AlexaNas

    Scrapping bearing

    Hi, I have Ullrich Basic which looks in good condition. This is modern table (looks like the newest one, but don't know how old is it because I'm third owner). After moving table to destination, cleaning bearing and rods and assembling everything together, I hear scrapping on all rods when...
  4. AlexaNas

    China Ulle

    Hi, Can you explain me what does it mean China Ull? How to recognize it? Is the quality better? Is Ull still produced in China? Why China are not reselling parts (or counterfielding them)? Are "made in Germany" means indeed that all parts has been produced in Germany or only assembled? Don't...
  5. AlexaNas

    Record counter customisation

    Hi, I have two black counters in my Ullrich Basic table. I would like to customise them, to have one black and another white. I don't need to have all being opposite (all white in that case) - the frame can still be black, but points should have changed colour. Once I get different colour, I'm...
  6. AlexaNas

    Metal goal improvement

    Hi I think you should mount upper part to hinges and lower leave loose with small bumpers in place of screw holes. This way it will absorb energy from shots like snakeshoot.
  7. AlexaNas

    Hi there!

    Hi All, I'm new to this forum. My name is Aleksander. I'm from Poland. I used to play on Garlando Pro Champion table. We had very skilled professional player in our company (GFT btw.) and he shown us the beauty of foosball. Now since all in Poland are switching to German tables, I decided to buy...